round table: the impact of the digital world in the labourmarket

Jacques van den Broek, CEO Randstad

8th November, 11:05 am

Enterprise X space located within Pavilion 3

tech and touch: a digital journey

Jacques van den Broek, CEO Randstad

The Randstad CEO will focus on the workforce, what they should expect in the future and how to adapt to the new trends in the world of work.


The world's most powerful companies become investors: When to take their money and how to pitch for them?

Florian Chilla, Randstad Innovation Fund

The Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) will focus on the benefits for start-ups of having their business supported by investors.

taking the pain out of growing your startup: How to hire and manage for success

Inês Veloso, Marketing & Communications Director of Randstad Portugal and Mariana Canto e Castro, HR Director of Randstad Portugal

In this workshop we will focus on the importance of having a HR plan and why it should be a priority to your recent company.