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We are looking for:

  • social content advisors
  • online advertisement advisors

If you are native in english and other language, join us on 14th december and do your interview!

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Av. da República n. 26 1069-228, near Saldanha

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You just have to speak english and one of the following languages:

german, dutch, french, turkish, hebrew, spanish, italian, swedish, danish, arabic

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Portugal is trendy! In 2016 we received more than 60 millions tourists.

the whole country is served by a good public transport network, namely the urban centers like Lisbon and Porto.

is one of the best countries to buy or rent home, with transparent fiscal rules and incentives to obtain residence.

the cost of living is among the lowest for those who intending to live in western Europe.

the pleasant weather thoughout the year, which can reach 35ºC in summer.