Next month we will witness the launch of our most recent version! A renewed design focused on the user experience and has been tailor-made specifically for "Youplan" clients.

Its great advantage is the possibility of planning and communicating with temporary workers through smartphone. In other words, phone mobiles are no longer an option exclusive to workers and it is now an interface for planners. 

Randstad Portugal was the country chosen for the launch and all feedback and improvements are therefore welcome.

When it comes to the worker's app, we have some new features coming up:

We will be able to leave a standard message for all workers and it will be posted on their home page.

Workers will be able to reject shifts.

The company name will appear in the details of the notification.

The notification sound is now has the Randstad tune!

And there’s more. In addition to our newsletter and the scheduled webinar, we will step up our teams’ skills with an in-house website with different content, such as videos, commercial presentations, a product roadmap, training contents and the implementation team’s contact information. We believe that our consultants will be more and more skilled in supporting and speeding up this whole transformation.

Finally, more good news. 

We are in the top three of the nine pilot countries implementing YouPlan. This showed us that our workers and companies were in need of a solution that facilitated communication between them.

Thank you and congratulations to all involved for your excellent work!

Bernardo Bello, Product Owner at Randstad Portugal