Many people throughout their lives ask the following questions:  “How do I discover what I like to do?” and “Do I really like what I do?”

If you too are one of those people, then congratulations! It means that you are constantly looking to develop your talent and live a fully happy life! 

I will tell you a story. In 2005 I finished my Degree in Early Childhood Education. Fortunately, right after my graduation, I was hired as a teacher in a kindergarten. For 9 years, I was very happy doing my job and I want to believe that I made many children (and their parents as well!) happy.

However, I didn't feel 100% fulfilled. I always felt that something was missing (have you ever had that feeling?). 

I felt that, in reality, my real talent was yet to be found, and that perhaps I needed to look elsewhere. And so I did! In a bold career move, I invested my time in the Contact Center World, evolving every day, while also leaving behind the area of ​​study that I once thought was meant to be my lifelong path!

And now you ask, “but what do you mean by talent?”


Talent is what makes us happy and fulfilled. It is actually what gives meaning to our professional journey. We don't necessarily have to be born with that talent, but we do have the ability to develop it, through our actions and intensive practice. 

Talent is something that is ours, it's something that makes sense to us, but it doesn't necessarily have to be our first choice. Talent requires perseverance and discipline. We may fail on the first try, but the important thing is to lift your head and keep going. 

But how to develop/find my talent?

Experimenting is the watchword. 

Meet people, places, and experience things. This search for our talent is a path that necessarily requires commitment, focus and disciplined practice. For example, if your talent is writing, the ideal would be to read a lot and acquire knowledge of how to write better, am I right? 

Back to my experience and sharing my story. I want to believe that my talent is finding the best opportunity for every candidate who “knocks on Randstad's door” looking for a job opportunity.

I want to believe that many of the candidates who come to us, do not know yet that their talent is hidden somewhere in their minds and their hearts. And I feel that it is up to me, together with my team, to help them find and develop that talent.

And you? Are you ready to discover your talent? 

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rita machado
rita machado

rita machado

junior talent acquisition consultant