<p>YouPlan offers operational gains that are easy to measure and quantify, especially if we focus on one of our consultants.</p>
<p>In this real case, a leading logistics, transport and shipping company provides complete solutions for managing all the needs of its customers’ supply chain.</p>
<p>Prior to the implementation of YouPlan, the consultant needed four hours to do the planning, contact workers and record schedules, which often meant that it did not have time to deliver 100% of the order. <br> After the implementation of YouPlan, the company records the platform’s needs immediately and the consultant takes only an hour to contact workers and get their okay and place more than 20 people, thereby meeting the need 100%. The remaining three hours of administrative and contact work are now used to recruit new employees and segment existing profiles, which will help cut the time down even more in future.</p>
<p>This is just one example of time optimization. It has advantages for the company and workers, as it allows real-time communication, a better experience for everyone and high quality of service.</p>
<p>With YouPlan, we managed to multiply 1 by 20 and make 3 an even more successful formula. Our consultants also feel that their work is appreciated more and we have improved our clients’ and workers’ experience.</p>