high-quality shared services that power your business.

Our division comprises some of the most experienced specialists in the industry. We understand your business and match you with motivated individuals whose skills and experience will fuel your business inititatives.

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national and international scope.

Shared service centers have specialized teams that can take advantage of all Randstad offices. We provide international talent to Portugal

our expertise

  • consultants

    Our finance and accounting staffing specialists invest the time with you upfront to ensure we thoroughly understand the hiring opportunity, your company culture and any complexities of the situation so as to select the best candidate or solution for your consideration.

  • talent

    Randstad’s experts are highly selective when choosing candidates for client introductions. Each candidate undergoes a qualification process that includes an extensive interview, reference check, degree verification and, if necessary, skills testing and business cases adapted to the role and profile.

  • solution

    Our solutions are based on four main areas that include:


    Deliver a better fit, pairing clients and candidates whose goals and mind-sets are closely aligned. Talent recruitment and selection to help clients to find qualified permanent candidates that match your organization.


    Flexible solution for human resources management in compliance with the legal framework and ensuring the fulfillment of all obligations to the employee. Includes, recruiting, selecting contracting and pay rolling.

    hr management

    Can operate in the different stages of the process from:

    • recruitment & selection

    • training

    • management

    • monitoring

    • coordination

    full outsourcing

    Integrated management of the entire project. From providing infrastructure, software, training and coaching, to hiring and managing the necessary resources for the operation. Always following the quantitative and qualitative targets of each contracted service.

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