When a small difference makes the performance great, even the smallest things can make big differences. This is the common denominator between formula 1 and Lean system.

Formula 1 fever rages in Portugal - with the term "lean" gaining more and more foothold in the companies.

But what does "lean" have to do with Formula 1?

A lot! If you ask the decision makers who attended the afternoon event organized by Randstad inhouse Portugal in June.

Randstad kicked off the event by inviting clients for an exclusive high speed in the Estoril Formula 1 race track.

In the beginning of the afternoon, the workshop helped to draw parallels between Formula 1 and Inhouse management. It gave a chance to participants to learn more about small things that make a difference within a high speed performance team. Details like the efficiency of the teamwork can make a huge difference to give a quick response, to increase productivity and reduce costs. In a factory management, we can talk exactly about the same factors.

Following afternoon, all attendees were inspired by the opportunity to feel F1 driving experience. Randstad inhouse team invited them to enjoy 3 Porsche laps driving around Estoril race track! An opportunity to experience first-hand the similarities between managing a F1 team and a workforce in a factory.